I know it was so long a time ago,

I saw your eyes and I thought whoah!

This is too good to be true.


But here I am so far away,

And I can’t get you out my head today

I just want to give you a call and say:


You take my breath away,

You take my breath away,

And there’s nothing more I can say-

Please stay.


I’m trying so hard to keep you out,

But my mind just won’t let your image out

And now I feel like I’m falling down.


Daydreaming in a meadow under a sky so blue,

Wondering how it could be true,

That you take my breath away, yeah you-

Take my breath away.


You’re playing with my mind,

I wish that you would give me back my time-

But then I wish that you were mine.


Hypnotic, you’ve got me stuck here.

Entranced by your beauty,

Is there any cure for me?


I’m trying hard, but I’m losing fast.

Quick, reach in and grab me before I’m long past.

I’ve fallen for you once. Will it be my last?


Do I have something to say, hey!

Yeah you take my breath away,

And that’s all I can really say.


So I’ll try and have a sleep tonight.

Eight hours before it’s light.

Except you’re in my mind all night.


Please get out, but don’t go. Help me,

I’m stuck in a world dreaming, let it be.

Wondering if you’ll ever find me.


Until then, I suck in air, but still breathless.

Maybe one day I’ll be reckless.

Maybe one day I’ll be fearless.


Story behind the poem:

Hahahaha. Got someone stuck in my head, and so I’m trying to write them out. No, it’s not working . . . . . :D. Agh well. Hope you enjoy, and thanks for reading. 100th post coming up! 😀




photo by Jason Nelson


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