100th Post!!!!!

Hey Everyone,

I am absolutely stoked! This is my 100th post on my blog!

Anyways, I was wanting to do something really special for my 100th. The forefront idea was a video (one of my side projects), but time is against me :(.

So I thought that my 100th post would just simply be an unsimple update on my life. 😛

99 posts ago, in January 2012, I would start my blog as a way of sharing some of my thoughts and frustrations. A brief description of me would be a hurting boy with some pretty big scars, walking out into a scary and unfamiliar world for the first time. Now, I sit a rather weathered veteran, familiar with my surrounds to some degree, and so much more sure of where I’m going. Ok, stop laughing all you oldies. I don’t care what you say, I feel really really really old!!!!!

To all my followers and readers, a great big thank you. I never really thought getting a like, view, whatever could give me such a buzz, but it does, so thank you. I hope that somehow you’ll be able to take some things from my writings as well to inspire and help you on your own journey.






Photo by my friend Jean Paul. 😀


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