Shooting Stars

Shooting stars, they blazed in the night sky,

As on the beach, didst two lovers stare into the sky.

She the princess and he her handsome prince

As they shared a soft moonlit kiss.

Princess, beauty rare. To her prince without a flaw

Wanting nothing at all.

Whispers he, “I love you always.”

So they live, happily ever always.


Alas, such a fairytale ending will never be.

For a small fire would change the princess you see.

No longer the soft flower of the meadow, in full bloom-

Now she was scarred and burnt – willing for death to take her soon.

She last remembered him, as they whisked her to the ER

His horrified face turning away as she was dragged from the car.

Weeks passed, she refused to see him, till finally he no longer called.

She no longer wanted to see the mirror, she was a flower that withered and wilted.

She ignored his messages, she didn’t want to hear, his voice again,

To tell her that he could no longer see her like this again.


Now she stood trembling in a soft summer wind

Teetering on the edge of an endless abyss.

Staring out over a beach where so long ago,

Someone whispered to her, I love you, I really do.

But it was over now. Her beauty scarred beyond repair.

Some things you don’t dream of, you wouldn’t dare.

Her cold tears froze her face, carving down the scars that remained,

Wondering if she would ever live and breathe again.

An endless abyss, stretching in front of her, she felt herself falling towards the ground

When someone caught her arm and turned her round.


Her dashing prince was standing there. She looked away in shame.

He whispered her name as the heavens cried drops of rain.

Why didn’t you answer? he asked, holding her tight.

Do you know that you’ve been on my mind every night?

He ran his hand through her hair, touched her face,

She felt her tears subside as he laid her fears to rest.

I’ll always love you, he whispers in her ear.

And I’ll love you forever still, as long as I am here.

I don’t care what you think, he turned her face to the light,

I’m always going to be here for you, even in the darkest night.

No matter what happens, the damage and the scars,

I love you for who you are.

And as the shooting stars shot unseen across a stormy summer sky

He laid to rest her doubts and fears as he looked into her eyes.


Story behind the poem:

Written based on a line suggested by a friend, Stars blazed in the night sky. 😀




Photo by Jordan Mulder


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