The Razor Scooter

The scooter! Oh yeah!

Now how nifty is this little thing? You can fold her up and carry her anywhere. She’s really light. And for those who are a bit more crazy, you can do back flips, 360’s, and wheelies! Or if you’re like me, you can do a front flip – over the bars and into the pavement.

But seriously, these scooters are really cool because of the stickers they stick on them.

1. This product moves when used.

Can you just imagine? Those two little round things at either end of your scooter make it move!!!! Mum!!!!!! My scooter moves!!!!!! Oh darling, I’m overjoyed for you!!!

2. Do not ride on sloped area.

Ok kids, enough playing at the skate park, these scooters are NOT to be used on slopes. And that includes ramps – and hills. Hey mayor, I was wondering if you could organize to have the hill my house is built on levelled so I can ride my scooter?

3. Make sure the environment is safe for riding.

Hey Mum, can you take me to the loony bin please? I believe they have fully padded rooms there, with NO objects at all. That way, the only dangerous item is the scooter itself!!! What? You’re going to take my scooter off me as well?!

4. Wear all necessary body protectors.

Helmut? Check. Knee pads? Check. Elbow pads? Check. Safety glasses? Check. Mouth guard? Check. Shin guards? Check. Steel cap boots? Check. Kevlar gloves? Check. Forget it! Mum!!!! Where’s my IRON MAN suit?

That’s better. I feel safe now.



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