Light Up My World


You – you light up my world.

I’m stuck thinking of you all night,

Stuck thinking of one girl-

One girl who’s my kryptonite.

You’re like the sun, breaking through the clouds

Like a bolt of lightening, dazzling the night sky.

Ever since I met you, my world has been falling down.

I burn, I perish, I pine.

Don’t know how, you light me up,

Yet send my spiralling downwards.

Blinded by your light – I’m hopelessly stuck.

You’ve got me trapped with your mystic powers.

Floating on air every time I hear your voice

You’re like a 1,000 volt AED, you make my heart leap.

No matter how hard I try, I’m hooked without a choice.

I’m teetering on the edge, trying not to dive too deep.


Story behind the poem:

Written about someone who lights my world up in that extra-special way.



photo by Nithya Ramanujam


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