Walk in the Rain

walk rain

Walk over the mountains.

Walk through the valleys.

Walk in the sun.

Walk in the rain.

As clouds gather,

And the sun is hidden.

When thunder clouds begin to form-

Walk, walk on through the rain.

As the clouds unleash their fury,

Keep on walking, where all can see.

That you have no fear of the rain!

Keep walking, keep walking in the rain.

As the wind blows, and cuts into the skin.

Let roar that we keep walking till we in victory cease.

Amidst the puddles, keep walking, as the heavens pour,

Keep walking through the rain, one day it will clear.

But until then, keep walking. Just keep walking.

Story behind the poem:

Wrote this cause today I was walking home in the rain. 😀 Rain often means calamity. Just keep walking. Don’t let it stop you.


photo by Gavin Spencer


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