Price to Pay


Revolutions, wars, treaties, and pacts.

Resolutions, degradation, and government acts.

Everything comes at a cost-

Everything has a price, like it or not.

To be the best will somehow somewhere cost you something

You’ll have to pay big if you want to win.

In order to satisfy and please,

Something else will have to give to appease.

If you want to look good physically,

Or if you want to connect spiritually,

Somewhere, somehow, you will a price pay.

Tomorrow, today, or in the future far away.

We think we can have all the success,

Without all the tears and pain to be the best.

We somehow imagine we can play foolish games,

And they won’t return to haunt us one day.

We think pleasure, booze, and parties come free,

But one day we’ll be paying whatever the price tag be.

Every path, choice, decision you make,

Has a little price tag with a big price attached.

We want all the fun, none of the cost.

Perhaps you’ve heard, ‘Money don’t grow on trees’. You’re going to pay the cost.

In this life or the next, make no mistake.

You will pay a price for every action you take.


Story behind the poem:

Quite a simple message really: we pay the price for whatever it is we do. I wrote it while sitting by the lake. I guess I had been contemplating about society, and well, people today seem to think that they can get away with abusing themselves, God, and others. But they don’t and they won’t. Somewhere, somehow, the price tags will catch up.




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