Long Way Down


Not all that glitters is gold.

And not all that breaks is old.

Even diamonds slowly fade away.

And no matter what, you’ll fall one day.

This jet will run out of fuel,

And someday the dragon will run over you.

You can’t always win, cause then we’d be invincible.

One hour you’ll be a hero, next day forgotten by the people.

Every mountain’s gonna rise

And one day it’ll dive!

It’s a long way down when you touch the sky;

It’s a long way down, when you’re up this high.

Feel the fall, will you pull out in time?

As you take this dive, will it conquer your mind?

Teetering on the edge, walking a line.

Balancing on a rope, lying to yourself that it’ll be fine.

It’s a long way down –

As you feel yourself slip –

Now you’re in free fall .  . . .

Story behind the poem:

Taken from a variety of things. Main theme is from a quote I read once, along the lines of this:

When there’s a storm, good weather is coming. But if you’re having fair weather, get ready for the storm.

And then there’s some derivatives, such as the all that glitters is not gold, etc.


Photo by Jeff Hallam


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