It’s cold outside and it’s raining,

But the people in hypnosis think the sun’s shining.

The grisly grim reaper’s reaping

He’s standing in shadows but we ain’t weeping!

This whole world is headed out and we are dying,

But we are dying here thinking we are living!

There ain’t no ain’t no lights a-showing

And though we know, we don’t see where we’re going.

And no matter how hard we fall, we don’t stop what we’re doing.

This deterioration shows no signs of slowing.

The brazen fires of hell are a-glowing

In a wicker basket down to hell we’re going.

Can’t nobody see where we’re really heading?

This ain’t the hand of God, it’s just ourselves slipping

In the mire of death that we ourselves are creating –

And now we’re wondering why all these things do happen

But the danger must be growing,

Because the light is fast fading,

The darkest night we’ve seen is coming –

Is it black, is it white? Is it sunny, is it raining?

Are we really suffering heat wave or is it snowing?


Story behind the poem:

A remake on Willa Wonka’s freaky passage when they’re on the boat in the tunnel.

Great movie by the way. Hope you enjoy my remake. 😀



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