Resilient we stand, guardians of the land.

Ever watching, arms ready-young lions are we.

Sure of what we fight for, driven by a greater call.

It invades and annexes our life. We were born to fight.

Soldiers of freedom: men driven by our passion.

The enemy may win many and surrounded we may be,

And ye ask, “Will ye surrender?” Answer we, “We will never defer!

Never give in! Never comply! You can’t tame us. We claim victory or die!”

Cast away the weight, all in – as all costs we must win.

Ever shall we be the resistance. We are real men – defiant.

Story behind the poem:

I’ve been wanting to write on the topic of resistance for a while. Resistance to me, speaks of the
Resistance in WW2, men and women who risked their lives to defy Nazi Germany and Japan in any way they could, and to a lesser extent, the underground resistance in other places, where against all odds, surrounded, outnumbered, outgunned, they fought to the death because they believed in a calling greater than them. Anyhow, if you pay attention to the poem, you’ll see the first word of each line spells out ‘resistance’. It’s an idea one of my friends recently gave me. Thanks 😀

As for the photos, yes, that’s me. They were taken by my friend, Jean Paul.



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