Heart Race

Beachside Stroll

As I passed you today, alone in the street,
My patched heart began to weep.
I struggled to draw the words from my mouth
Cause you sent my heart ricocheting about.
Stare at my feet cause you send my head spinning –
Baby, you’ve got my pulse racing!
I feel a shiver run up my spine
Take a step closer, I guess it won’t hurt to try.
I’ll give all I’ve got for what its worth –
Take a leap an’ pray that I don’t fall to earth.
Because looking at you, I see a heavenly light
“Hey, what are you doing tonight?”
You cradle a grin on your half shocked face
“I don’t know,” she says, “Just sitting round at my place.”

“By some small chance would you like to come with me ?

I know just the place we could be.”

She leads the way as my heart skips a beat –
I feel like I’m floating across the street.
she giggles and snorts a a ridiculous laugh.
I feel myself plunging to earth like I can’t fall fast enough.
Her heart is my castle – her arms my net.
You ok? She looks at me briefly for a sec.
she takes a step forward and reaches for me,
As she touches me I’m suddenly set free.
my demons are lost to the a north bound wind.
I feel myself gasp for air as hand in hand we’re walking.
Stride for stride we walk together,
Thinking to myself, if only this were forever.
My heart starts to pound and all I can think
Is that this could be the start of something.
Are we here tonight because this is fate?
Is this the way things are suppose to be? If only I knew it.
She stares as if she can read my mind
It’s like she sees through me every time.
Its now or never this is it!
Hey Mary, you wouldn’t want to go out for dinner, go out a bit?
Her delayed reply left me seconds without breath:
“I’ll see you there.” Gave me a kiss and before I knew it,  she left.
At that very moment my life felt complete,
And for the first time in a while, I couldn’t wait for the following week.

Story behind the poem:

This poem was a collaboration between a friend and I. We wrote it over FB, she’d write the first line, I’d write the second. Just thought I’d stick it up here. 😀 (My partner-in-crime’s blog which she just started http://tamt12.wordpress.com/)


Photo by Hector Landaeta


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