A Random List

So, I finally decide to clean my room, after 2 months. Ok, I’m not done, but I’m almost a quarter of the way through. 😉

So far, this is what I’ve found:

  • 4 pairs of work uniforms
  • 8+ pairs of other clothes
  • 20+ pens strategically placed amidst the mess
  • 15+ balloons
  • whistle
  • bike lights
  • batteries with no power left
  • batteries with power still (well, we don’t actually know. There’s too many of them to check, and not enough time)
  • a lone piece of tobelrone chocolate. (that made for a tasty morning snack)
  • 5 muesli bar wrappers
  • 20 chocolate wrappers
  • 100+ shopping dockets, covering the essentials such as food, to the non-essentials, like a lodging receipt
  • unmarked discs with something burnt on them, but hey, who’s got the time to check what’s on them? Not me
  • about 4 different draft manuscripts
  • a 8 gb SD card, that disappeared as soon as I turned away. (I’m still looking for it now)
  • 50 nerf bullets. (it’s a lot of effort to load them back in a Raider)
  • guitar
  • coathangers
  • video camera
  • SLR camera
  • $30 movie gift card (I wonder when that expires . . .)
  • 15 books scattered around to make it a bit harder to walk on the floor
  • sunglasses that have been missing for a couple of weeks

Aaagh. It’s a bachelor’s life . . . . . Happy holidays all. (for those lucky enough to actually have holidays . . . .)


Oh, and I forgot to mention the packet of spaghetti I found. That was stored in the corner of my room in case of a zombie apocalypse.

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