Start of Something Beautiful



I called this number just the other day, trying to find a girl who just wouldn’t go away,

And as the phone rings, with fingers crossed, I hear you say,

“Hey, may I know who’s speaking?” My heart stopped, and then it started racing.

Your voice sent me walking on the air as we started talking.

Said she, “It’s so nice that you’re thinking of me.”

And all I can think is my heart won’t let me be!

Yeah I’m falling for you, faster than I could dream, I’m in the deep end and I’m sinking!

Now I’ve crossed a line ‘tween real life and wonderful dream.

So maybe yes, I’ve had more to smile about, since you came back into my life

I feel the dark clouds and the night, getting chased away by your sunlight.

I don’t know what you thought or what was going through your mind that second,

But I was thinking, This could be the start of something beautiful, something good,

I wonder if you knew – I love you.


Story behind the poem:

Cause there’s things you want to tell someone, but you’re too chicken, so you write a poem instead and hope they don’t read it and realise it’s them you’re talking about.


Photo by Jordan Mulder


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