Midnite Kiss


As brilliant fireworks flare,
Lovers do a midnight kiss share.
I look around but you ain’t there.

I’m saying Happy New Year,
But it’s a pretty sad year.without you here, yeah.

Have a look at my phone, At a pic of you with your red sweater on.
All of a sudden i get this.feeling of being alone.

Wish you were here, on this summer day,
Wish you were here to drive my fears away.
But you’re 4,000 km away.

The second hand ticks past twelve.
The crowd gasps as the fireworks unveil.
I blow you a kiss and let it set sail.

And far away in your busy world
As you watch the fireworks unfurl.
It’ll find it’s mark, cause.you’re a special girl.

I walk back home, wish you were here.
I wonder if you’re thinking of me.
I love you, girl, wherever you may be.

I guess this is how it is-
I’ll just have to blow you a kiss.
A midnite kiss.

Story behind the poem:
Written in time for midnite :-). Maybe one day I wont be writing a poem about it. 🙂


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