Still Standing Here

misty morning

Standing as dusk falls upon the woods –

Hidden by shadows, you’re a lying thieving crook.

Big and tough outside, but nothing but a coward inside.

Trembling now, as wolves howl and the wind sighs.

As snow falls, and you stumble, tears become drops of crystal.

Vexed and torn inside as you finally fall.

As the ice steals into your already cold soul,

And your face becomes blue and old

From frozen lips, you curse the cold world that has thrown you out.

Curse the miserable ground on which you have fallen down.

As the trolls, the goblins, and the werewolves come from their recesses

And demons and ghosts come from your heart’s darkest places,

Fear strikes into your soul, like a leech, it sucks every bit of fight left.

No tears left to cry, frozen in time – now you’re just the walking dead.

You wonder where all your friends have gone, why did they all run?

Said they had your back, fe fi fo fum, then ran as the battle began.

You add them to your little black book – ain’t nobody here for you.

But I’m screaming into the silence, that the delusion in your head ain’t true.

You say, Everybody’s left me. I’m here to prove you wrong –

I’m standing here. Been standing here all along.

Remember me? I’m the flawed boy you couldn’t stand the sight of.

Too proud, compulsive, impulsive, and not thoughtful enough.

At least that’s what you told me, when you walked away.

Yes, you walked away. You walked away on a rainy day.

Now you’re lying in the cold, blaming God cause you’re alone

But I’m still standing where you left me, been standing here all along.

Even though your words forever scared me, I’m still standing here.

Praying, hoping, crying – wishing to tell you there’s nothing to fear.

I would come running over, but you won’t let me. Killing yourself in your misery.

So I’m just standing here hoping one day, you’ll realise where I’ve been.

With arms always open – a heart that wants to love you. A love that would give up it’s very life

But it’d be all for nothing if you don’t give up the fight.

Drowning in the smoke of bridges you burnt.

The key to survive was in your hand, but you threw it away to your hurt.

Standing here where you left me, I know you won’t come back, you stupid, wilfully ignorant fool.

But I’m still gonna stand here, through the heat and the cool.

I guess you could call me a stupid fool too, but I ain’t never gonna leave you.

Stab me in the back, kick me down, walk away – I’ll still be here, no matter what you do.

And even as you cry out in some dark lonely corner, that you’re alone –

God be my witness, that I’ve been standing here all along.

Just standing here where you left me. I’m still standing here.

As the days become weeks, weeks into months, months into years –

Arms and heart open, still standing here.

Story behind the poem:

A msg to all of my friends who decided to walk off on their own paths for whatever reason. When you decide to whine about your part in life, and how you have no friends, etc, just remember who it was that threw it away, cause I’m still standing here for each and every one of you.

And to those who are just reading the poem cause you like reading poetry, sometimes we take our blessings for granted. I hear this line too much: I’m all alone. When in reality, there are people who love you and want to hang out with you, but you’ve shunned them for whatever reason. Go figure.



photo by John Nyberg


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