Round Trip


Rainbows and sunshine – flowers in meadows.

Prince, princess, and the castle – Cupid’s arrows.

Lovers in the spring, whilst the air is fresh and clean

Two lovers this their claim be: fireproof it seems.

Slow dance, through sandy dunes

Hyptonized by the siren’s tunes.

Dancing around a lover’s flame

Right before the thunderstorm came.

Soft evenings, spent walking to a lullaby

Walking clouds, up to cloud nine.

Take off, round trip from base reality.

Two lovers on their journey into fantasy.

In a castle built of air

Live the two lovers so fair.

Gazing into the eyes of each other.

And so they lived happily ever after.

Story behind the poem:

Ok, so this was suppose to be a long sad poem, but my friend decided that it should be short and happy, so here we are! Anyhow, hint, hint. If you read the title ‘Round Trip’ and then read carefully, you’ll find the little clues that were leading to the dramatic sad ending. 😛 Maybe you’ll find them and see where I was going with this ‘happily ever after with a side of never never.’



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