Tips for Bachelors

Concerning the room:

  • If you can still find all your essentials, your room doesn’t need to be cleaned.
  • If you can’t find your essentials, it’s because you were smart and put them in a not-so-easy to find place as opposed to a messy room. You’ll have better luck next time.
  • If you room smells like sweat, pick up all the clothes in the vicinity, throw them in the wash, grab your deodorant can, empty it, then open your window. Problem solved for at least a couple of days.
  • If the chick you like is a room police, then by all means, keep that room of yours spotless.
  • It’s acceptable to eat in your bedroom. Provided you don’t see any cockroaches.


Concerning food:



Any questions about how to be a bachelor, just message me and you will have a speedy response. Disclaimer: the author takes absoluetly all of the unresponsibility for whatever results may occur from following his common-sense advice.






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