Best Thing Ever

Morning Glory

You walked into an unscarred heart.

Built it up then tore it apart.

Left me floundering in the dark.


Like a ship without a crew in the sea –

Like a glider in a sky with no breeze –

When you left, didn’t think I could breathe.


Nosedive into a dark cold place.

Everywhere I went, I saw your face.

Lost my sight, smell, and taste.


The darkest of all nights, descended long,

but the night tis darkest before dawn

And a dazzling light shone at the break of morn.


You and your lies became a dream of the past,

The sunshine chased away the spell you cast

And now I’m back alive at long last!


In the morning light came a new dawn.

The hell of yesterday, long gone,

And suddenly I realised, not all that glitters is gold.


I saw who you were, nothing but a scarecrow –

So I leapt off the edge and into the big blue below.

Bye bye. To think I almost had the chance to never know.


Without you here, I’ve finally found real beauty

Walked through hell and lived – despite what you did.

You use to be the best, but now I’m loving after it.


I believed in never say never.

But the day you left forever –

It was the best day ever.


Story behind the poem:

Sometimes the things we see as catastrophic and life-ending, are nothing more than the beginning of something better, something more beautiful. To the person to whom this is addressed. You leaving me, was the best thing ever that you could have done to me. Thank you.


photo by Michael Smolla


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