Praying Man

He’s on his calloused knees, praying man.

Praying like it was his last, cause it’s all he can.

Beads of sweat rolling off his brow –

Praying man, knuckles clenched, tears tumbling down.

His muscles taut as he joins battle

Against the unseen forces of hell.

The sweat becomes blood, as his spirit takes air,

Flying to an unknown land out there somewhere.

sunrise prayer

Invincible warrior he is, made of steel.

This man’s walking faith’s the real deal.

Fist slam into the floor, feel the chains break.

Wail and tremble ye devils, for the warrior is awake.

His petitions – they storm heaven’s gates

Leaving hell’s forces prostrate in their wake.

Cower ye men of words but no action. Let the fire fall down!

Let the captive and prisoners be unbound!

As the coldness becomes a fire fuelled with fervency

The walls crumble and giants fall as heaven hears!

Set to light the invaders – the aliens of the land!

Let the earth quake at the cry of a praying man!



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