The Lost Smile (by Beholderseye116)


There once lived a boy
Who lost something
But not just a toy
It was his smile
That he misplaced
He couldn’t find it
Anywhere on his face
He felt down without it
So he decided to look
Under his quilt cover
Through his favourite book
He searched through his drawers
In the streets bend
He searched and looked
Until he saw his friend
What are you doing?
Asked the little child
I lost my smile
Said the boy who now looked wild
I’ll help you
The little girl said
They started looking
Together instead
Soon they began to play
Hide and seek
The game grew until
They played all week

One day the boy
Found her in a pit
She laughed and smiled
The boy pointed at the girl
‘You stole it! I saw a peek’
The girl seemed chocked
‘It’s on your Cheeks’
The boy frowned
‘I want it back’
He planted a quick kiss
The girl gave him a WHACK!
Ever since then
The boy had smiled
When though he got hit
It was worth while
The girl was his playmate
Friend then wife
They smiled together
For the rest of their life

by beholderseye116 @

Loved this poem so much that I had to share it. 🙂 If you get the chance, drop by and check out this up-and-coming blog. 😉


photo by Renáta Zaja


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