200 miles

Winding Dirt Road in Meadows

It’s a long dusty road of travelling
The many stones make my heart breaking.
Just wanna to take your hand
As we journey through the land . . . .

200 miles is too far
Just to be where you are
I’d give anything to change –
Just so we don’t stay the same.
Separated by these miles so far yeah
200 miles from where you are.

You could take a look into my eyes.
I’ll tell you I’m fine but it’s all lies.
I don’t want to see another sunrise
Until you’re by my side . . .

200 miles from where you are.
Man, it’s just way too far.
Every night i cry myself to sleep.
Wishing you were here . . .

200 miles is too far,
Doesn’t matter if it’s plane, train, or car.
200 miles & I’m wasting away.
I need you here to save me today
But you’re 200 miles away!

Story behind the poem:

She’s 238miles, 1067.5 yards to be almost precise. And yes, that’s just way to far. I think I’d prefer her to be about 2.3810675 metres away. 🙂


photo by Andreas Krappweis


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