girl on bank

Gasping here for air oh princess fair.
As thy hair brushes against me,
Sending me into the big blue out there.
And I no longer want to be free.

So close you are, i could kiss you right now.
Just wanna freeze this moment in time.
With the wave of your hand, the land bows.
If only I could sweep you away, make you mine.

Off the edge, into the precipise. I breathe again.
In this freefall, wil you catch me ‘fore I fall?
You walked in and suddenly my world changed.
You drove away the clouds, smashed the wall.

Your innocent touch lingers on my skin.
Negative and positive energy- fully charged battery.
No invitation to my heart, but you just walked in.
I spend my days in dread hoping it stays this way.

Can’t breathe. Can’t live without you here.
As the days pass, alone in my den- running out of time.
Carrying the memories of when you were near.
I need a remedy – throw me a lifeline!

You’re like life-blood- you keep me going.
My nemesis-I fall without a fight.
I spend my nights awake,thinking of you – wondering,
Do you love me too? I can’t sleep tonight.


Story behind the poem:

Doesn’t matter what I do, I lose. 😛



photo by Belovodchenko Anton


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