Little Worm

girl field

You’re a golden ray of blessing.
A little beam of sunshine
Lighting up the world
Even when you have sleepy eyes

Little dimples in your cheeks
Sunscorched face of a ragamuffin.
Dance on through the.meadows
Innocence – come the years don’t lose it.

Stalking me to try and tickle me
But you always end up gettin tickles.
Like a little grub jumping about.
You flip, wiggling and giggling.

I spend my days wishing I could be like you.
Nothing at all to fear.
No work or studies to bother.
I wish you could stay right here.

Dance away in your dress
Just like the butterfly you want to be.
But no matter what you say each morning –
You’ll always be the little worm to me.

Story behind the poem:

Written for a pretty little worm. 😉


photos by

woman field


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