Fallen Apart


Take a walk to the mall

Watch the girls strut down the hall.

Flashing lights, bare skin everywhere.

That it makes just stop and stare.

Then they tell you they’re just thirteen.

Hey, I’m a teen!

Yeah my friend, she’s got a child,

She’s been on her own all this while.

No, she’s just sixteen,

Trying to fit in between.

We’re falling apart . . . .

One day we’ll wake up

To find we’re falling hard.

We’ve fallen apart.

We mourn for the victims dead

Of a school painted red-

All the while we kill the unborn

And justify it through our ‘law’.

Where’s the inflation, nothing’s changed.

But just ten years have passed, and nothing’s the same.

We’re too busy saving the world, not saving ourselves.

Reaching out to others while we’re falling to hell.

You can tell me it’s all fine and nothing’s wrong

But do I lock my door when I’m all alone?

Cause we’re falling apart . . . .

All the shattered dreams and broken hearts.

One day we’ll wake up

To face our darkest night

And it’s then we’ll find –

We’ve fallen apart.


Story behind the poem:

No matter what people say to me, or what the media tries to tell me, it doesn’t take a genius to sense that a storm’s coming. There I go with my Batman line again . . . lol. Anyway, if one cares to look at society cloesly, it’s evident that it will only survive so long. One day it’s all going to crumble, and we’re going to be left in the shattered ruins of our air castles wondering what happened – if we’re still alive.



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