Wretched Man


Sacked and dumped, by someone I treasured –

Went looking for something, someone better.

Got in so much trouble, got tossed about.

All my innocence and trust replaced with fear and doubt.

Then came the day that I met you

Deep down inside, I just knew,

That you were something better, something rare

From some mythical land a princess fair.

So pure and white, you make feel so small.

When on the scales I don’t feel worth of you at all.

Like Wall-E reaching out for Eva

I really ain’t fit for you either.

Like a peasant trying to win a queen

There’s days I cry, cause it’s hopeless so it seems.

At first I sat on the edge but now I’ve jumped in.

In the deep blue end I’ve discovered that I can’t really swim.

But with something this precious you just can’t walk away.

So I’m here trying and trying every day.

I’m just a wretched man, shipwrecked in these stormy seas

But I’m here trying to live it up, so you will take me.

I’m getting tired of all this masquerading

For all my efforts, I’m really just pretending

Cause I’m afraid that you’ll walk away – I don’t wanna lose this

Jewel is so rare and precious.

I’ll give you all my love, till there’s nothing left

Watch and protect you even if means my death.

Let me be clear, I’m not friend for fair weather,

And when I say, ‘I do’ I mean forever.

I guess all that’s left to be asked,

Is can you love me with all my flaws and scars?

I can’t cover up the wreck that I really am.

But I swear that I’ll do my best to be the best that I can!

Just wishing, hoping, that you will love me as I am.

Cause you’re an angel an’ I’m a wretched man!

Story behind the poem:

Composed from this two lines I originally thought of:

“I’m just a wretched man,

Hoping you will take me as I am.”

Anyways, that’s what I often feel like atm. :/ lol


photo by Sigurd Decroos


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