Slow Dance

I’ll walk through fire. Whistle in the rain.
Walk through hell. Run over a bed of nails.
I’d face a thousand tyrants on my own.
Fight the fiery dragon in his hole.
Crusade for the babies we sacrifice.
Fight on for my country whatever the price.
But what’s the point of it all?
If i don’t get you girl? Forget about the world.
I’m despairing and floundering here
Dying – i’m drowning in my fears.
Even with my victories – i pine away
I need something to cure me – a remedy.
What’s it all worth if i end up dead?
If i fail to win the best thing yet?
I’d throw it all away in a moment’s glance
If I could take you on a slow dance.
Story behind the poem:
The things that you would do for love . . . .
photo by gabriel bulla

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