Wisp Away


I had this beautiful dream just the other night.

This amazing apparition came floating into sight-
Gently floating blonde brown hair curling in the wind
Framing the ravishing beauty that had me capitulating.
Blue eyes – the never-ending kind – mesmerise me in time
They see right through every word and action of mine.
That small tells me that you ain’t one to mess
Your lips tell me, ‘Hey little boy, welcome to your biggest test.’
Those red lips – they taunt and tease. Close but not quite.
Almost there but not quite. I wanna curl up and cry.
They smile at me and I can’t help but respond.
I smile back and suddenly all my doubts are gone.
You say, ‘you’ve got a big smile today!’
I don’t tell you why, cause I’m scared you’ll wisp away.
Story behind the poem:
Cause I’ve gotta write something.
Graphics composed of photos by Emil Gawin and Lavinia Marin.

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