Lil’ Sis


For as long as I can remember,
i’ve always wanted one more family member
But that desire was nothing more but an ember.

I’ve got two brothers I love and adore.
We fight, tease, play cops and robbers
Stand against whatever’s behind the door.

It’s all so great, but I’ve always missed
The fact that I don’t have but really wish
A pretty delicate lil sis.

Till one day you somehow walked in – it all changed
Light my world – it’ll never be the same.
That it even got this far, I’m still amazed.

But now we’re here, i hope i only gets better.
I hope we keep rocking no matter the weather.
I hope I’ll always be your big brother.

I swear upon my life, to protect my lil sis fair
To treat you with all respect and care.
In the years down the road, may there be happy memories to share.

As you walk out for the first time on your own.
I want yOu to know that you’re never alone
Somewhere out there I’m watching as you tread your road.

Somewhere out there, there’s someone special
And he better treat you like the most precious girl
He better take care of your heart and give his all.

Cause if he ever hurts you, he’ll find
That I’m more than just a wall – the stationary kind.
I’m a moving wall: the nightmare- in-the-night type.

I will find him and I will make him pay
He can beat and mangle me. Smash me away.
But hurt a hair on your head and he’ll rue the day.

Never cross my lil sis. Cause It won’t go unnoticed.
Her big brother will eventually bring vengeance.
And it won’t be by chance.

Like a hawk watching for prey
Like a lion roars to keep the enemy away.
Like a bear protects its cubs, so i hope to be in every way.

I love you lil sis. Nota day goes by without me
Whispering a prayer to God for your safety,
And that you will always my lil sis .

Story behind the poem:
I never had a little sister. But I always wanted one. So one day I adopted one. 🙂
You mess with her, you mess with me. Actually, you’re better of messing with me.

Photo by Horton Group at

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