One Wish

dandelion on fire
6 am your ghost wakes me up, oh
I know I moved on a long time ago.
Guess my mind still doesn’t know.
It’s clear you never were the best for me:
But i still wish you were here
I wish that you were here with me.
Cause all i see are your happy faces
In all the perfect places
Still can’t imagine that it was all a waste!
So today i’m gonna stumble in my daydream
Live a life that i wish would still be
But it’s never what it seems.
Always the same heartbreak
And the same heartache
Every time that i finally awake!
I’ve held your hand in a thousand dreams
Walked through hell or so it seems
And it should’ve been so clear:
I would’ve given all I had
Just to get it back to what we had,
Oh just to get it back, to get it back.
I’m on an upgrade, someone new
And I can tell you, she walks over you.
But there are these lonely nights, i wish she was you.
Despite the heartache, and all the pain
I just wish that it never changed
I have one wish: that we were still the same . . .
Story behind the poem:
One of those days where you wish things never changed. That they stayed the way they were, so innocent and beautiful.

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