Move On


It’s time to move on I guess.

This is the end of life as

We know it. This is the end of us.


Still got your picture in my mind

Still groping in the dark trying to find

She who comforted me in my darkest night.


Spent so long, wishing and hoping.

All those nights in the shower crying.

Up till now I’ve been trying.


But alas. I guess that’s the way things have gone.

Never meant to be but they’re done.

Nothing but a heartbreak song sung.


I kick and beat myself for not being there for you

When you were passing through

A hell you couldn’t escape no matter what you do.


I know it was never my call – never my choice-

But I beat myself anyway with my lies.

If only I was there when you fell and cried.


Reading through our old messages

Our plots, our teases, our challenges.

Memories we made and spur-of-the-moment chances.


Those early morning hours when I was really asleep.

But I wasn’t but I tried to get you to believe.

If sleep-txting’s real, then we’re accomplished at it.


I’ve always liked to think I can change the world.

But I’ve realised, nothing can change your mind girl.

Save you – hard as a diamond, yet like an emerald.


Tossed and broken by so many, and I’m shut out.

Miles away unaware as you’re being beaten down.

Heading on a one-way trip south.


I guess it’s time to move on – stand tall.

I’ll always be here, if you care at all.

Just wishing I could hear you talk.


Wasting my time wishing away.

Move on, there’s no reason left to stay.

Ashes scatter – there’s the dawn of a new day.


No matter what, we broke anyway.

Tried again, never worked, sulking here. Okay.

Move on – there’s nothing left to say.

Story behind the poem:

Dedicated to K.R. who was at one stage in my life, my bestie. Of late I’ve been wishing that we could get back in touch. Ok, I’ll rephrase that: I’ve tried getting back in touch. So far, nothing. I guess there are times we just have to move on. Still waiting, but moved on at the same time. Oh, and something interesting: emeralds are quite hard, ranking about 8 out of 10 on the hardness scale, but the catch is this: emeralds very often come with other minerals which make them quite weak. 😉


photo by Ashleigh Berger


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