Eagle Owl

I fade away into the grey skies –

Icy rain floods my eyes.

Like an owl in the night, melting away,

As the shadows flee from the light of day.

So swift and silent – dramatic and strange.

The unloosening of an untamed man.

A ravenous beast that tears itself down –

Self-destruct – three strikes and you’re out.

Some people get hit and they explode

While others just keep going till they implode.

Silent destruction which no one sees

Hid behind curtains and tapestries.

The collapse of giants and walled cities

We fall to our own ferocity.

When the pressure becomes too great for too long

And we suddenly find that we’re no longer strong.

The walls we create fall back on us.

Our attempts at survival useless.

Here today, gone tomorrow, but no one’s missed him

Cause he’s gonna be back again, or so they think,

But what if he never rises back?

What if he’s taken one final stack?

What he’s finally broken and never builds again?

Will they still see him the same?

Story behind the poem:

The first two lines were actually composed at work. Yes, I was bludging. 😛 Anyhow, in this poem, I wanted to capture the often silent and unnoticed breakdowns that certain leaders often go through. These breakdowns are sudden. And they’re unnoticed, like shadows or like an owl in the night. One day they’re all good, the next they’re desperate and wondering what they are doing and why. Few people notice, because these leader pull themselves out of it. Everyone notices when the pieces go flying outwards in an explosion, but only some notice when the pieces cave in an implosion. Dedicated to all the people out there who just keep picking themselves up and keep this world turning round – the leaders of people who are so often maligned but so rarely appreciated.



photo by Andreas Krappweis


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