Loved You Too Much

I live in a cloud one. Don’t go very high.
Always on the ground, rarely in the sky.
Till the day you made me feel like superman
Like a princess kissing the beggar man.
On the darkest days, still had my head in the clouds,
Dove in with you where we floundered about.
Then came that fateful day – you went freefall.
You finally broke – finally lost control.
I tried my hardest to save you, hit earth hard.
Came running over to be by your side.
But when I got there, nothing I found.
Just an empty shell all broken up.
So I dug a grave for the mannequin
And found myself falling beyond cloud one.
Till it finally came across to me
That this was the only way it’d be.
I loved you too much – I didn’t see
The masquerade and lies: the disguise.
Dove in far too deep-
Loved you too much- dug myself a ditch.
photo by Andy Hagon

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