Truth Don’t Hide

Leopard in Jungle
In the name of ‘Truth’, you blasted something beautiful and delicate
Left devastation and destruction in your wake.
To defend your ‘truth’, you hide it, because it fell apart
When seen in the light of reason. I guess the fall was too hard.
And so to cover up, the gaping hole in your defence
You took it out on me, and went on a hit and run offence.
Like a coward, striking a man who comes in peace,
If only you knew all the things I kept within.
Oft the Truth is more simple and basic than we make it.
Yet man’s just gotta go make it so damn complicated.
Created yourself an illusion, lead into delusion.
In your one-way state-of-mind is absolute confusion.
The greatest allies suddenly became enemies
And you found yourself exposed by your lies.
If you could only see how open you really are.
And how easy it would be for me to tear you apart.
Even as you nip and bark, I hold back, wanting to let loose
The firepower I know I contain but don’t cause I choose.
It’s not the degree you have, the letters after your name.
The little curl of a pig’s tail, the illusioned fame, that makes you a greater man.
It’s the ability to stand tall and say, “I was wrong.”
Shut up and stop singing the victim’s wolf-cry song.
Age don’t mean nothing, except that you never really grew up inside-
That you’re so high and mighty, blinded by your silly pride.
Call it what it is, but shielding your truth from exposure don’t prove nothing
Except that your truth can’t stand up to anything.
I guess that makes it a lie- call it what you will.
But the day comes you won’t be able to hide, no matter how you mingle.
Real truth don’t hide behind lame excuses that can’t even lift-off.
Real truth don’t walk around like a stuck-up toff.
Real truth has open eyes, it takes the hits without hiding.
Real truth keeps standing even when everything’s falling.
Real truth is not affected by the opinions of all those around.
Even if none believed it: real truth can’t be disowned.
It’s never hidden under a bushel, afraid of getting holes shot in it,
Because it’s the most powerful, offensive thing that ever lived.
You say that you’ve got the truth and I’m living a lie,

Then tell me why: cause truth don’t hide!

Story behind the poem:

Well, there’s alot I want to say, but I won’t. This poem is written to Mr. Reeve. If you really do have the truth, then tell me, why are you hiding?

Why are you such a coward if you have something absolute? Come and face the facts before you attempt preaching something you don’t even live.

Truth doesn’t hide. (that’s not to say that it always has the last word, or always responds to challenges.)



leopard by Andreas Krappweis


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