What We Were

On the cabinets, on the tables, pinned on the wall.
Precious memories, pictures of us all.
Something fragile, a beauty so rare.
A new day dawning that we shared.
Take my hand and show me something I never seen.
Kiss me and send me higher than I ever been.
Cry tears of joy cause i’m so high.
Like fireworks on the fourth of July.
Two opposing forces collide and connect
Two crooked curves making each other straight.
Two astronauts floating in different worlds
When someone shut down the oxygen and i lost you girl.
Now we became tragic also-has-beens,
Suffering radiation fallout wondering what happened.
Blaming those around for setting off the bomb,
But honestly, it was an inside job.
Still can’t get over what we really were-
Two flawed people trying to make the real deal.
Our greenbacks were counterfeit.
Couldn’t make enough from it.
A bushfire fading like fireworks in the sky.
The higher you go the faster down you fly.
We were a crash landing, hundreds of miles apart.
Each walking off with part of the others heart.
A case of love bipolar – a serious commitment disorder-
Over-attached, puppy love, but it was a tall order.
Two lovebirds met a shotgun.
Both got blown up and then there was none.
Story behind the poem:
Just me trying out some cool rhymes about real life that’s already past. 🙂

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