Whenever she’s around, I gotta wait.

My eyes enlarge and my heart palpitates.

If I manage to not faint, I start walking queer and quaint.

Inexplicably got the shakes. I quiver and I quake

When she ain’t in town, I burn and pine down

till I’m nothing found but tears on the hard ground.

A severe case of illness got lost in a wilderness.

Been to many physicians, but none of them can fix this.

Just gotta practice my immunity to her individuality

But her incredibility leaves me in a un-ending eternity.

Superman, it’s kryptonite! Too late and we’re going down alright!

Mayday mayday, hold tight. Tis something we can’t fight.

Like some bottomless hole that tortures the expectant soul,

On and on we go till we find there’s nothing  to hold.

So we’re not going solo, but not the pair we thought of

Cause it’s the way it goes oh, no matter what we try though.

Like a rainbow disappears, comes back with the greatest of your fears!

Try to touch and find she ain’t there – gone running down the stairs.

Cinderella dream becomes a nightmare – you’re the prince here

And she’s somewhere out there.

Look but don’t touch, this is what it’s all about.

Mayday, we’re going down, drowning in a sea of doubt.

Went in a wormhole ended in a blackhole

Chasing a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow!

Look but don’t touch, I’m going mad trying to figure if I’m out!

All these figures in my head and I’m just spinning all about

Slap and a kiss, is that all that there really is?

Is this all just something inside, what did I miss?

Lies in my head, won’t let me go to bed

Always trying to clear my head, but you’re always three steps ahead.

She loves me, she loves me not, flowers can’t tell if it’s real or it’s not.

This mission is abort but it’s too late now that we’re caught.

Story behind the poem:

Every person has a chink in their armour. And there’s nothing quite as frustrating as when someone can hold you in their hand, yet you have no idea whether they’re serious, they’re just playing, or they have no idea.



photo by Collwyn Cleveland





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