Hugs for Free

girl blanket

It never leaves, never breaks up.
Never walks away, it’s always there to stay.
Keeps on loving you when you’re in a dump,
It’ll comfort you when all you wanna do is cry all day.

We throw it round, bash it up, and leave it on the ground.
Never with anything to say back, it never resents.
We can stab it in the back, push it down,
But it always gives out everything it can send.

At the end of a long tiring day, I stumble home for hugs,
I forget to treat it well and look after it – so neglected.
Never even thinking about all the things it does.
And even then it’s keeping me so warm and protected.

Maybe I should give it a wash, and keep it nice and clean,
Smooth out the wrinkles, and keep it off the floor.
I know that if I give it just that little bit of sheen
It’ll just keep going even longer and give out more.

I wish that I could be a friend for others like my blanket is to me,
No tit for tat, always there to give a hand or comfort.
Just like my blanket is what I want to be:
Giving out everything for nothing in return – my blanket.

Story behind the poem:
Yes, Em, this is for you. I thought I’d do something less serious than usual, but seriously, have you ever thought about your blanket and all the stuff it does for you?
My Blanket: Giving hugs for free since 1995. 😀


photos by A Syed and Leslie Collingridge

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