Missing Parts


You live so far away, it really shouldn’t matter.

But now you’re farther, my heart is in tatters.

The moment your plane took off, I felt it inside.

Something took off on a long-distance flight.

Call the ambulance, we’re going into cardiac arrest.

Got this empty feeling inside my chest.

Start up the AEDs, try to kickstart my heart.

Said the doctor, “No can do, we’re missing a few parts.”

Leave me here on life-support. Hanging by a thread.

You’ve got the scissors, please don’t leave me for dead.

Got you dancing around in my dreams.

When I’m tired, your lullabies woo me to sleep.

I wake up, thinking I’ll see you today

But every time I’m left weary at the end of the day.

Tried to make some keys to fit the missing hole

But it just don’t fit, and it’s so lonely and cold.

Watching movies I really don’t want to see

But I watch them cause it’s like you’re next to me.

Late at night, eating cheap, sickening fast food,

Imagining it’s gourmet food cooked by you.

I can hear your voice now, scolding me for being so lazy

Teasing laughter as I throw it out cause I’m feeling ill.

Cycling on the sidepath like I’m going nowhere fast.

Wishing you were telling me to watch out for the cars.

I turn around, and see you next to me, laughing without a care,

But then I look again, and lo, no one’s there.

Story behind the poem:

I miss someone . . . . . duh.



photo by Nithya Ramanujam


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