Remember Me


Remember me, not as the fool who loved thee

But as the lover who scorned thee.

Not as the boy who drowned in the sea,

But as the he who left you in the shallows to swim deep.

Remember me, not as the fallen, bloody body on the ground

But as the hero who rose above the enemies around.

Not as a soul lost in defeat, slain after having fallen down –

But as a warrior whose hands were never bound.

Remember me, as the shining light, an example to tell.

Not the one who stumbled and fell.

Not the one who ran when the walls fell

Rather he who stood tall amidst the waves of hell.

Remember me, not as he who died, but he who lived.

The weary man who rose and triumphed!

He who when the night was at it’s darkest, strived

Till the morning broke forth with radiant light.

Remember me, as I was in my glory days,

Before time didst wreck me with it’s constant sway.

And I became nothing more, save

A wreck that lay beneath the ocean waves.

Story behind the poem:

Remember me. In the words of Nehemiah, “Remember me, O my God, for good.”

I pray that people remember me for my moments of brilliance, as opposed to an age of devastation.


photo by Alen Stojanac


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