standing in rain

Because I’ve never had the eloquence nor the strength to tell you in person – I pen these words instead.
I treasure every moment with you. I think you are the most perfect girl I’ve ever met.
What bothers me is I don’t have a clue of what you think of me.
If you feel the same thing I do, I really want to know
Cause there are days that I ponder letting go.
If you aren’t interested, that’s okay. I understand. To be honest I don’t really rate myself a chance.
But please don’t leave me sitting out here. Tell me if I make the cut or not.
I know I’ve got many shortcomings. I know I have many weaknesses. More than you’ve got.
But if you ever give me a chance, I swear I won’t drop it. I’ll give you everything I can.
But whatever you decide to choose. Please don’t leave me standing out here in the rain.

Story behind the poem:

A poem from the archives about someone really special. (No, it didn’t work out, just in case you were wondering)


photo by Alyssa L. Miller


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