My Strength


People – they flatter me – they say I’m energized.
People – they praise me – they say I’m strong.Though I’d like to believe it, it’s just smokin’ lies.
If I said I’ve got it all – I’d be taking a longshot.

There are times I wake up wondering what I’m doing –
Why am I even daring to be up this high
Where in the world am I going?
Have I had my head too long in the sky?

Looking back at things I did, wondering how did I?
Looking at what’s in front feeling the trembling ground.
Behind closed doors the resolution breaks apart
That’s when I lift my eyes to the sky.

My strength comes from the Lord, the maker of heaven and earth.
This energy inside is not of this world – it’s beyond my mind.
It keeps me moving, even when I’m lying in the dirt.
My strength comes from a source that weathers the waves of time.

photo by Tom Pickering


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