Like lilies in a gale.

Like the soft green grass of the vale,

Crushed beneath hail.

They bruised and crushed your spirit.

They hurt your spirit till you died from it.

A wine glass shattered on the ground can’t be fixed.

I look into your eyes,

I see your soul cry,

Invisible tears running beneath the mask you hide.

I watch as you curse those around you,

You try and make them feel what you do.

But don’t you have a clue, that’s exactly what they did to you?

Someone hurt them, they did it to you to lessen the pain

And now you pass it on, this ferocious chain.

Can’t you see, there’s nothing here to gain?

Why pass on the guilt and shame?

Do you have to ruin other’s lives to feel well again?

Cause you won’t get cured by giving others pain.

Have you ever thought of the people who follow behind?

Have you no idea of the lives you’ve scarred?

Don’t you feel so old and tired?

Don’t you wish you could lie down?

Stop all this messing around.

It’ll end up with you lying six foot in the ground.

Give your scars time to heal

And you’ll find in time you’ll feel

The strength to repeal this vicious cycle that kills.

photo by dragonflaii


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