Dear Citizen

Dear Citizen of the blessed land of Australia
For whom do you vote this September?
Or are you too focused on the lies of December?
What are you looking for? A leader?
A pleaser? Or a pop-singer?
Don’t you ever wonder, where comes the gold,
That they promise you when it’s all o’er?
Doesn’t history teach, the more you get,
The greater will be the debt?
What is has been, is, and will be.
War and peace, it’s a trend of history.
In war, fight for you life.
In peace, prepare for the pain and strife.
So who are you voting for? Disarmament?
Someone who defies militaries Ten Commandments?
Dear Citizen, open your eyes and ears,
See afar and listen hard – and you will see my fears.
Who are you voting for? A man with blatant lies?
Who wins by his image in the public’s eyes?
Or are you like the creature on the road,
Dazzled by the highbeam, prelude of impending woe.
Rome was never conquered because it was weak.
Take a close look – It was the depravity, the wine, and meat.


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