flaming heart

I finally found her but the walls left me confounded.
The crushing forces inside despairing had me surrounded.
Found the real deal, a priceless gem.
But frozen into paranoia – fearful of the end.
Voices in my head telling me to walk away,
My heart tells me with her is where I should stay.
Realty says she’d never be mine, not in eternity.
While in my dreams she’s always one step ahead teasing me.
I would do anything to win her heart, save one thing.
Guess what the conditions were that they were asking.
Now I thought I’d be alright, make it somehow.
But I’m feelings so alone – I need a way out.
Deep inside I’m not ready to fold.
I want to be holding your hand when you’re old.
It could go south so fast.if I try to push again
Question is, do I have enough life in me to take the pain?
Fortune favors the bold, but my stories of failure’s growing old.
Tis I try and risk burning it all?
Or do I fight it out, me, myself, and my feelings in a cell all alone.

Story behind the poem:

What do you say? She has me captivated, but I can’t even get close to her . . . I’m paranoid I’ll ruin any chance I have, yet if I want a chance, it seems like there’s no choice but to go all in.


photo by Bensik Imeri


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