They say the grass is greener on the other side.

Went on a road trip to find out.

Too fast too quick, didn’t see,

The dangers that surrounded me.

Tis bright white lights dazzling

Left the rabbit on the road puzzling.

Reactions ain’t deft when your hypnotized.

Tell me, what does it feel like once you’ve died?

When you’re in the middle, and death is all around

You’ll find the road is the most lethal patch of ground.

Rubber melts as high velocity metal collides

Leaving the hapless creature with spinning eyes.

Stumbling on, almost there, when the end descends.

Left there on the side, all but dead.

Playing high-stakes games is risky, the cost is high.

Crossing to the other side, not many make it by.

Sixty seconds left, it’s six-nil.

Nothing now but a roadkill.

Story behind the poem:

Inspired by . . . roadkill. Hahaha.

Crafted out of a rather unimaginative mind atm, but sort of wanted to picture someone who takes a risk to get somewhere better, but finds out even though it’s a short journey, the stakes are high. And if you lose, it’s never going to be nice.


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