Last Night


Last night was a dream I lived,

Only this time, I wasn’t asleep.

After so many months of daydreams

Suddenly stuck out here on a whim.

Set-up, moving fast.

Holding on like it was my last.

Hoping it was a good luck token –

The soft words spoken.

Like stepping out on a stage

While the world waits, holding their breath.

Stumble and stutter through

The opening phrases with you.

Rehearsals were oh so smooth

Cause there was no trick moves.

When you write a story, you know it’s end.

But in real life, there’s always a bend.

Last night I faced my fears.

And I can still see it all, crystal clear.

The summer dress spinning in the wind

The streetlights on your pale smooth skin.

Your burning eyes, that catching smile –

Wishing this moment would last awhile.

Had to make a choice, tried to go slow,

But now we’re out on the dancing floor.

You look smooth, I was a fool.

Two left feet, but it’s all cool.

The music stops, and it’s time to say,

Thank you, goodbye – I hope I see you again.

Cause last night, was the time of my life.

Can’t get your picture out of my mind.

Story behind the poem:

Last night was an awesome night! I actually went ‘dancing’ for like, 2 minutes. Haha.


photo by Stefano Roddaro


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