Shooting blind in an ocean so far and wide.
Hits few and far between – trying not to drown amidst the rising tide.
Hit amidst ships – direct hit. Flagship critical.
Trying to hit targets blind. Think tactical.
Running out of time to win this game of the mind.
What if I run out of time? What if I cross the forbidden line?
Venturing out into perilous seas. It’s deathly cold.
The motto’s engraven in the ship’s wheel – Fortune favors the bold.
You walked in the door, game on.
No backing down now – till it’s all said and done.
The wrecks of ships afore, lie beneath our floor.
Spin the wheel, bring her round hard to port –
Turrets swivel, prepare to blaze. Battle stations.
All hands on deck. Prepare for imminent action.
The cannons roar – let fire fall.
Morning light bring revelation, if we still live at all.
Let the war begin – every moment has lead up till here.
Will we defeat the failure we fear?

Story behind the poem:

Written about love.  It’s a bit of a game really. One person trying to win someone else’s heart, but risking getting sunk at the same time. 


photo by Wyatt Wellman


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