Forever Leave


Frosty Morning in Forest

So many hypothesis – so many lies.

So many questions that are screaming inside.

Some people believe in a love that they fall in.

I believe in a love that is chosen.

Some people think love fades,

But I see a love that should never abate.

Real love that gives everything

And no matter what it faces, won’t give in.

A love that covers all the flaws

A love that is the greatest force of all.

I thought I knew it all

But as I discovered in my fall

Love has so many things to it all.

It’s hard to grasp it all.

You can’t pin what love is in one word,

Cause it’s unlike anything in this world.

It don’t belong here, but it use to.

Now we just have to make do.

Over time’s long span

We’ve changed what love means to a human.

From something that doesn’t exist

To nothing more than hugs and kisses.

Somehow love has become all about us

When it’s all about others.

We forget that love actually hurts

That it’s more than a casual flirt.

Sometimes you’ve got to stand and call for change-

Be mocked and laughed at, be thought of as strange.

It could very well be

That even if you love them unconditionally,

They will never love you back.

And all you can do is take without an eyelid’s bat.

And though it hurts so much inside

Love is about them, not you, so you let it slide.

Sometimes love means you gotta step back and breath.

Let the one you care so much about – forever leave.

Watch those castle gates swing shut

The ice seal them till there’s nothing but:

You and the snowy wasteland –

A spreading patch of crimson stain.

Story behind the poem:

The theme of this poem was inspired by Frozen, particularly the end part of the movie where Oleg the snowman says to Anya, “. . . Chris brought you back here to Hans and left you forever.”

For love to be successful, it has to be mutual, but it often isn’t. That’s when sometimes, you just have to let that person go. After all, if they don’t want to reciprocate love, what point is there in hanging around? You can’t force them to, sometimes you just have to let it go. Love doesn’t force others to do something they don’t want to. Sometimes, love means that you’ll have to forever leave.

Happy holidays all.


photo by Andreas Krappweis


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