Already Broken

broken shell

They tread careful, they try not to break my heart.
Forgetting it’s already blown apart.
Telling me to turn back before I encounter pain –
Sweetie, I live in agony every day.
You can’t break what’s broken anymore –
That’s not what I’m worried for.
Someone walked in long before you did.
They smashed it into tiny little bits.
Walked away with some souvenirs
Lots of little pieces missing here.
Already broken, already worn out and weary.
My own safety is not my pressing fear.
My scars I can take, the memories time will erase.
What’s broken will be fixed one of these dark days.
But till then, there’s nothing here to break.
All I can do is soldier on and wait.

Story behind the poem:

This is what I want to tell some people when they worry about me getting hurt emotionally. It’s too late.


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