Kiss the Son


Nowadays we believe in a God in whom we don’t confide.
We live our life like there’s nothing after life.
Blaspheme his name, trample all that is holy.
We raise up the things created as though they were for our pleasure only.
We spit in his face and flaunt our sin.
But only the holy God can heal our broken hearts within.
We abuse our world and we abuse one another.
We kill ourselves, we hate our neighbors.
We tell God he’s not needed – create more questions than answers.
Ignore the judgement to come that he didst surely swear.
Oh ye unbelieving nation, why do ye faint and fail?
Without God, no matter what we do, it’s all of no avail.
The blood on our hands is filling the soil.
Have you ever paused to wonder why you cry, sweat, bleed, and toil?
Kiss the Son, lest he be angry and consume us with his glory!
Oh that we would learn from the bloodstained pages of history!
That we would mourn, and change our ways
Before the fire held in store for judgement rains.


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