5 am in the morning, on my way up north to who knows where

I wake up from my sleep to find where you live is just over there.

My hibernating heart suddenly wakes up and starts pumping

I feel the adrenalin flow, my blood starts running.

It’s like there’s a million butterflies in my heart

Trying to get their way out, but they won’t part.

Butterfly flutters, like my heart stopped beating

And got filled with lots of soft wings flittering.

My chest is a cavernous cave with a barred gate –

It’s got a rusting padlock which doth a key await.

I’ve tried finding it, but it seems lost

But the closer to you I get, those butterflies try to bust.

Do you perhaps hold that sacred key

That will forever set my butterflies free?


Story behind the poem:

Half-written in the car at Coffs Harbour on my way to the Gold Coast.  And I finished it today, almost a year later. 🙂

photo by Irum Shahid


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